Customer Service

Smash Lab is committed to ensuring that customer service excellence is an integral part of the planning, resourcing, and delivery of all the services we provide.

What is customer care and why is it important?

Smash Lab means:

  • Providing an excellent quality service in a friendly, efficient and helpful way. We will continually strive to improve services by ensuring good communication, reporting, services and a positive attitude towards our customers and clients
  • Treating each person as an individual
  • Treating each person with dignity, respect and courtesy

Policy Aims

The aims of the Customer Care Policy are:

  • To provide an efficient, effective, quality service for all Smash Lab customers and clients
  • To ensure that services are responsive to customer/clients needs and wishes
  • To ensure that whenever customers and clients have contact with Smash Lab they will receive consistently excellent standards of customer service
  • To ensure that no customers or clients are excluded from any area of service delivery
  • To ensure that services are of the highest possible quality within the resources available
  • To maintain and continually improve our service to ensure that both customers and clients of Smash Lab are receiving the best value at all times.

Smash Lab Guiding Principles

As an organisation we will:

  • Identify ourselves, be helpful and courteous
  • Be professional and positive
  • Be well informed, so that we are able to help you
  • Be effective in listening and responding to you
  • Be fair and support your individual needs




  • We will operate within the requirements of this policy to provide a service which is easily accessed by all our customers and clients
  • We will deal with customers/clients promptly and treat them with courtesy and respect at all times
  • We will deliver services in a friendly fair and professional manner and will do all we can to ensure that enquiries, concerns or problems are resolved at the earliest possible opportunity
  • We will ensure that all our staff is trained to provide a high quality service to all our customers and clients
  • We will monitor and review our performance and will welcome any comments from our customers and clients on our services


Smash Lab – Customer Care Policy Statement & Standards

When You Visit Our Office:

  • We will make every effort to ensure that our office opening hours offer the greatest possible convenience to our customers and clients
  • We will take all reasonable steps to make sure our office is accessible to all our customers and clients
  • The Reception area in our office will be clean, tidy and welcoming, with comfortable seating
  • It will be staffed by people trained in customer care
  • Reception will be staffed at all times during opening hours

 When You Telephone Us:

  • Telephone calls to our office will be answered as quickly as possible
  • Smash Lab staff will greet callers in a polite and courteous manner, stating their name
  • They will give their full attention to the customer/client for the duration of the call and remain professional at all times
  • Every effort will be made to resolve customers’/clients’ enquiries or requests immediately
  • Where this is not possible, customers/clients will be telephoned back on the same day or at a time which is mutually convenient
  • The answering machine will be used when the office is closed
  • Recorded messages will be audible and accurate, and will give the caller an option to leave a message
  • Messages will also advise callers what they should do in case of emergency
  • Voice Mail will only be used when staff is unavailable to deal with telephone calls
  • All messages on the answering machine and voice mail will be responded to at the earliest possible opportunity

Face To Face Contact:

  • Our staff will always be well presented and professional
  • We will have ID pins for all our staff when attending meetings
  • We will use ID cards and show them to all customers/clients upon request
  • We will encourage customers/clients to check with our office to verify our ID
  • We will have the company name on all vehicles
  • We will keep any appointment made and will inform people well in advance if we have to cancel it

Accuracy and Confidentiality:

Any information provided to Smash Lab will remain confidential and we take steps to ensure that the data that we hold on our customers and clients on our database is accurate, up-to-date and secure.


Smash Lab has a comprehensive Complaints Policy and associated procedures. We will ensure that all our customers and clients are aware of this and have the information they need to allow them to complain about any aspect of Smash Lab's services or policies which they are dissatisfied with. We will ensure that all staff receive training on the Complaints Policy and are able to advise any customer/client who wishes to make a complaint against Smash Lab. We aim to ensure that all complaints are dealt with within the time targets set out in the Complaints Policy. Details of our Complaints Policy can be found on our website.

Continuous Improvement

Smash Lab is committed to improving its services to customers and clients and we will:

  • Set targets and standards to achieve continuous improvement
  • Monitor and analyse all information received concerning customer/client satisfaction
  • Take appropriate action to remedy any problems identified through the mechanisms we have put in place to measure customer/client satisfaction

Smash Lab Expectations of Our Customers and Clients

Smash Lab is firmly committed to providing customer care of the highest quality to all our clients and customers. However we also expect an acceptable standard of behaviour from our clients and customers. We will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff of Smash Lab. A member of staff may terminate any conversation or interview with a person who is behaving in an abusive or threatening manner.


 Smash Lab, through its Internal Management Plan, is committed to training and developing staff to their full potential in order to deliver a high quality of service in all areas of its business to its customers and clients. The employee induction programme includes an overview of this policy, including responsibilities for the delivery of customer care as relevant to individual job descriptions. Staff will receive training on the policy. Training will be updated following amendments to and reviews of the policy. Training needs are identified on an ongoing basis by various means including regular supervision sessions for staff.


Providing excellent Customer Service is important in the success of our business. We know that important considerations in building strong customer/client relationships include factors such as trust, knowledge, efficiency and friendliness. People like to do business with people they trust. Trust is built through personal experiences as well as other people’s recommendations. That is why it is important to us to treat our customers and clients well. They are the bloodline of our business.